I can’t picture the size of my marquee – how do I know it’s right for me?


The correct size of your marquee is fundamental to the success and comfort of your day so it is very important to obtain a scale drawing of your marquee, with all the appropriate details, such as dance floor, tables etc, as soon as possible.

Your marquee company should offer a free and without obligation site visit so that they can take accurate measurements of the garden, check the access and go through your ideas in more detail with you. When you receive the detailed quote, with a scale drawing, you should have the confidence in knowing that what the company has quoted, will work for the space available and the size of marquee is appropriate.

marquee hireIn our experience at Southern Marquees, there have been occasions when we have had our quotes compared with others who in order to look competitive have made the marquee size physically too small to hold the number of guests and required furniture.

We only give 100% accurate, reliable quotes and advice that will fulfil your requirements.

If the budget is a concern, there are many areas and aspect of a marquee that can be adjusted to save money where possible, but the logistics of the space for whatever your number of guests is fundamental to the success on the day. A marquee too large or too small will have a direct impact on the atmosphere and comfort so it is essential we get it right.


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